Sunday, 22 April 2007

Silk painting

Would like to show you what I learned lately: silk painting.
Can't draw at all so I found the pattern from Free stained Glass Patterns . You could use these for drawing, silk painting, any kind of painting, even for felting ...
Here is my hard work:

Used rock- and table salt for effects(amazing to see how it forms...)
But now I have a problem how to steam it?? I read some scary tutorials but...


Anneli said...

Ja kes kaebas, et siidimaal ebaõnnestus!? 5+ ju! OK, edaspidi panen inglisekeelsed kommentaarid!

lillysmuul said...

Tanan,ja ei pea olema ingl. igayks paneb ikka seda mis keeleparasem. ;)


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