Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I have been busy working and feeding and feeding and cleaning and finally found some time for update.
My little Darling is doing very well,eats as horse ;) He is starling,not blackbird!
Every morning about 6.30 is wake-up cry(or shout),loud enough to wake everybody (except my hubby :) ) ,but after 5mins his fully feed and we all can go back to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.
yeah,about 8 o'clock I'm forced to go and start all over again and again....
It's really amazing how fast the feathers grow. Few days ago he was so naked and today he is covered with small feathers. You can almost see how they growing.
And he likes to hide in my palm(peopesas),it all soooooooo cute!
Visited pet shop today to see how expensive are birdcages and got one free. yesssssssss!!! OK, I just borrowed old used one for some time,my hubby has to build bigger later.
And I have to say sorry for these who looking for handcrafts from here. just no time at the moment.


Anneli said...

I wait for latest news about your little starling-darling. Do you have name also for him(her)? And how much dogyfood you already had to buy? :):) I hope not so much as we need for James :):):)

lillysmuul said...

If he will grow soooooo big as your James he could not flay!(maybe it's good? ;) )


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