Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lacy waves.

It's so warm in Ireland this week !
Found time to lay down and get some UV rays . I call sunbathing more like 'baking in your own juice'. Some people do not like it ,I enjoy the energy that I get from sun!

About knitting:
Sleeves of lacy blouse are finished ,just need to iron them and connect with bodice. Hope get it done this evening and take some pics as well!

Also wanted to show you next piece in my dream list:

There is pattern for you as well: DROPS Jacket with wavy pattern in Vivaldi.
Enjoy the knitting and your life,whatever it brings to your way...!

1 comment:

Anneli said...

Kaunis asi jälle! Sul on maitset! Kas sellest imeodavalt saadud materjalist planeerid teha? Igal juhul uurin Su blogi huviga.


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