Friday, 1 June 2007

Thank you!

I always had trouble finishing big projects like knitting a cardigan or similar thing.
There are quite few UFOs (unfinished objects ;) )in my craft corner like pinwheel cardy for my little girl waiting for sleeves; almost finished cardy for her without zipper (color of yarn wasn't right,its too blue and I don't like it(when ordered it over Internet picture showed purple) ) and so on...
But yesterday found I have to keep knitting because there have been so many visitors here and you all coming to see some beautiful pictures and great patterns . Aren't you?
So must finish the piece I'm on.
The front and back are finished,shoulder seems crafted together. Also sideseems and when tried it on it looked really nice .
When upper part of sleeves are done and sewed to body , will make picture for you.

Now I want to say THANK YOU for everybody who keep coming back and make me feel responsible that you get what you came for! Feel free to leave comment asking for more! ;)


Anneli said...

Welcome! I wait for the pictures...You with your new blouse and cat! You have new cat???

lillysmuul said...

Please be patient,Anneli!
But you can see my new love (kitten)in flikr album !

projektleiterin said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I see we have similar problems regarding finishing projects. I also totally understand your issue with the colors that you see on the monitor and the ones in reality. :D Anyway, your finished lace blouse looks very cute and feminine.

lillysmuul said...

thanks projektleiterin!


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