Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Stitch marker

Few days ago I wanted to show you my first design: knitted lace shawl.

It's only half done and I'm working on the edging.

But then read from somewhere "don't show your work before it's ready to publish" so have to finish design soon. Not sure how to do PDF document or write knitting charts on computer......
Any advice?

But what kind a post is it without picture so here is the detail of my new shawl with my home made stitch marker( my first and only wire work):

Right now I have really bad toothache,so will climb some walls til painkiller starts to work.


Tracy said...

So sorry about your toothache--hope you are better soon! Wish I could share info on using PDF are you are, but I don't, sorry...Have you done any Google searches on how to do it? Your stitch marker is lovely--very pretty beads! And your lace looks frothy & wonderful! :o)

Felicia said...

Pretty stitch marker. Hope you feel better soon!

Gudrun Johnston said...

Not sure if you ever look at this person's blog but thought you might be
interested in this post about charting lace knitting...she does excellent

lillysmuul said...

Thank you soo much Gudrun!
it's one of the best links I ever got!!!!!
You saved my pattern!
greetings to everybody!


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