Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Silver Belle ( Romy ) cardigan pattern by Debbie Bliss

Spent some time surfing in Vogue knitting website, decided to subscribe for next issues! (why they don't send any letters saying "thank you for your subscription!" How do I know it went through?)

And also find some free patterns (my favorite part ;) :
It's a DEBBIE BLISS/KFI"Cashmerino Aran cable and seed-stitch jacket, also called as "Silver Belle" or "Romy"
There is a free pattern available in Vogue Knitting website and Ravelry as a pdf file.
(if I only had free or at least half price gorgeous yarn for it...)
if I only had a few clones of me who could do the knitting...;)

WARNING! be careful what you wish for , your wishes might come true ;)

See my other blog posts about it, by clicking on a tag "Silverbelle".
Happy knitting!


Tracy said...

Glad to see you back! Feeling better after the tooth trouble? Oh, I miss Vogue Knitting! But they've messed up my subscriptions too many times...I mean how hard is it to send a magazine to me in Norway? So I've given up subscribing, and just buy it when I'm on trips home to the US. Hope all goes well with your subscription though! A knitting clone is a great idea! I wish I had one too, for certainly more knitting would get done around here then--LOL! :o)

lillysmuul said...

Thanks Tracy! My tooth trouble was never ending. Now finally feel better.
I hope the best with my subscription as well but Ireland is almost same far from USA as Norway so....

Brahdelt said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and a comment on my Silver Belle! ^^ I'm using 4 mm needles, which gave me a perfectly good seed stitch swatch, it seems that with cables it's a different story... Anyway, I really believe that I can take some of this extra length in while sewing all parts together, so keep your fingers crossed! *^v^* I'm definitely not frogging even one row of the peplum! ^^


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