Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Socks for rainbow Godess Iris.

Few days ago I read from projektleiterin blog how she got overhelmed and bought multicolored yarn.
I went to yarn shop yesterday to get the smallest knitting needles available for my friend and OF COURSE had to buy multicolored sock yarn. The colors are soo.... bright and happy!

Didn't like sock knitting before but seems I have to change my mind ....
Started to knit same evening and finished next morning!
Voila! My little girl is very happy to have warm bright socks!

Sock patterns.


Sheila said...

That was quick and the cutest socks... they remind me of a bag of Skittles

lillysmuul said...

OOjeee, Skittles are from rainbow as well!!! ;)
Maybe I should rename them Skittles socks ;)

projektleiterin said...

At least you like your multicolored yarn. ;)


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