Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Stitchmarkers-knitting jewellery.

blue heartblue heart 
Made some beautiful stitchmarkers for sale so you could enjoy knitting as much I do! ;)

These are all made with silver plated wire and Czech glass beads.

lenght from top to toe is 3,5-4cm (1.5")

For knitting needles up to 7mm

All are 10 €

blue butterfly with mixed leaves
pinkbell blue butterfly stitchmarkers

red berry
Light swirls are for up to 10mm needles.

Golden swirls

Contact me and let know wich one you have to have! ;)
Update what's still available here.


housewife said...

Need on ikka ilusad kyll!.Eriti meeldivad sinise ja rohelisega.

aliena said...

Referent of my blog's comentary. You have to send me something you handmade, during this year.The first 5 persons who send me a comment in this post.
At the same time this person have to publish this comment in him/her blog for do the same.

I hope I explained good. 'Cause I don't speak in english for 4 years ago.

See you soon.

Oh!! U have got a very, very good blog.

lillysmuul said...

Aitahh Eha !Loodetavast meeldivad need "live" veel rohkem!

Thank you aliena!sorry but I don't do games like these...


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