Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dyeing your own yarn!

Handcraft people have crazy ideas!

If your children have some dried out felt tip pens (markers) there is great way to recycle them before throwing them out!

Would you like to have yarn like this?

It's easy!

Break the markers open and put the color filled piece into the jar big enough for yarn as well.
Soak them in the water till all color came out!
Look the pictures in kriuks2 blog.
Insert yarn (natural not acrylics).
Put the jars into big casserole pot filled with water.
Simmer about 1hr. Add vinegar (1tablespoon per jar)simmer 1/2h more.
Let it cool down. Rinse.

I have not tried it myself but others have done great job with it!

It's a similar to dyeing with Kool-Aid .


Kadri said...

Oi, see Kriuksi lõng on jubbe isuäratav küll :) Mine või poodi vildikaid ja lõnga ostma (pole mul kodus kumbagi, mida kasutada :P)
Aga kuidas muidu? Pean silmas "kosumist" ja olemist? Ja et...millal "valmis saab"? :D
Tervist ja päikest!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the dyeing tip. I have 3 cones of pima cotton I would like to dye, but first need to wind them into hanks.


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