Monday, 14 October 2013

Pumpkin hat for Halloween - new DROPS Loves You 4 yarn

Pumpkin hat for Halloween - new DROPS Loves You 4 yarn

Since orange is not my fave colour I ordered just one skein of this DROPS ♥ You #4 yarn, just to see what a fuss the knitters make about it.

But this is really lovely brownish orange colour (not so bright in real life as on pic).
I wanted to knit a wig (Yes you read right!), but with one skein I got just toddler size hat.

So I call it pumpkin hat for Halloween! ;)
I love it!!!!
For adult size hat you need 2 skeins.
I knitted top down in rib back and forth.
(Sometimes I just don't like messing around with all these needles...)
Cast on 9 sts if you wanna knit back and forth and leave 1 st as edge stitch both side (7 sts if you knit in rounds).
Inc in every sts next row, but not in 2 edge sts.
Next RS row (or every second round) inc in every K sts, and then next RS row inc in every P sts.
Now you have K2/P2 rib.
Usually are increases done in 6 or 8 times in round, I did 7 .
Then I increased middle of K sts like this:


Stop increases when you have reached circumference of your head. Remember, rib is very stretchy. ;)
Knit as long as you need (or as much yarn you have! ;) )
Knitted Pumpkin hat, made of DROPS Loves You 4 yarn, model: Winnie the Pooh
If you haven't decided, to buy this DROPS ♥ You #4 yarn yarn or not, don't waste your time and grab it before it's gone- it is LIMITED EDITION yarn you know!

Here is a list of all countries selling Garnstudio DROPS yarns
It has silky feel and not itchy even for most sensitive skin.
Happy knitting!
Kui tahad eesti keeles teada rohem selle lõnga kohta, tule piilu DROPSi foorumist:


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