Sunday, 24 June 2007

Pinwheel cardigan for Iris.

Hope you all enjoy summer season,holidays,lovely weather ,swimming......all I miss so much. We don't even have much sunshine around here in Ireland.

But rainy days are very good for knitting projects! ;)
Today I show you one of my UFOs: pinwheel cardy for my little girl Iris.
This blue cardy is in my to-do list : DROPS Cardigan in “art knitting”


I decided to mix these two and used non-expensive acrylic DK yarn.

The body is almost finished,have to re-think about edging and sleeves must be done(any time soon ;) ).
I like how it came out.
For sleeves will use lacy pattern as shown at bottom triangle.

Hopefully will find time to knit one for myself as day...


Anneli said...

Oh sa poiss! Sel ajal, kui mina Jaanpäevatan, Sul juba uus asi varda otsas! Tubli näpumeister oled!

lillysmuul said...

tegelikult on see UFO(UnFinishedObject) l6petamatta t88. alustasin kuskil kevadel,jai seisma mingi uue asja avastamisel(nagu mul ikka juhtub.

Gudrun Johnston said...

I was online when you left comments on my blog so I popped over to yours. Thanks for your kind words! looks like you're a prolific knitter...I love what you've been making....the pinwheel cardigan is so cute!
The finishing on the little dress I made was a K1b, p3 rib with a picot cast off..sorry I don't have any close up pictures and I already sent it off!
So I have to ask where you are really from?

lillysmuul said...

Thanks Gudrun!
I am estonian living in Ireland(that's why two languages here). I wanted to design knitwear sometime allready but it's easier to follow ready-made pattrens...

marit said...

Lovely knitting!And I WILL learn to spin...some day...

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...I couldn't wait to drop by and see yours--you have a great blog started here. And all your knitting is gorgeous! That pinwheel cardi is fab! You're from Estonia! Do we get to hear the story how you came to be in Ireland? A love story maybe...

Felicia said...


lillysmuul said...

Thanks for your comments!
There is no big love story exept my boyfriend came to work in Ireland and he loved me so much he sent plane ticket so I came here as well. Just for few months to practise english.
It happened 6 and half years ago.
now we are married with little 4year old girl(redhead ;).
That's the story !

Tanya said...

That sounds like a love story to me!

Your blog is great. I really like your pinwheel cardy, it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final results.


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