Wednesday, 4 July 2007

More flowers please!

What have I done lately? (very late evenings included;) )
No time for my knitting projects....
Have been busy searching for gorgeous flowers in flickr photo albums.
There are sooo many different kind of crafted flowers (photos) in albums so I decided to open group called Handmade Flowers .
I already have some favorites there but they all are very well done crafts!


mdmB said...

tsau! Mai teadnutki, et sul blogi on *blush* Nüüd tean ja hakkan piilumas käima :)

lillysmuul said...

Salajane jah,icc!
Tegelt saab siia ka isetegijast mu 'web'-i margi alt ja flickr-is on ka paar linki! ;)


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