Saturday, 7 July 2007

Knitting crisis...

I am in deeeeeeep knitting crisis...:( (HELP ME,please!)
Want to knit lacy cape like thing or stole,can't figure out what it must be. Went through goldmines like , , and some more.
Want something to throw over and it must be elegant, lacy, similar to faroese shawl .
But it must be closable at front.... maybe buttons....;>
It will be real challange for me! ;)


Tracy said...

Might this help? Here's a link to a super simple open-work shawl knit (ignore silly photos): I have tried to email you, but three time delivery to you email address failed. This shawl looks rather nice, and you could easily add loops & buttons, or what about I-cord ties? Let us know what you come up with! :o)

lillysmuul said...

Thank you tracy for comment and link(great website!)
my problem is I don't do simple things, they must be difficult then it's fun for me!
Actually by the end of this post I had idea and last night designed a cape. I love this so much maybe should try to offer it to Knitty for publishing!?


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