Thursday, 9 August 2007

Little blue flower necklace.

I got invitation to competition: BIJEWELS IN BLUE
in "BiJóias em Tricô, Crochê e Macramê group .

You must make piece of blue jewelry using crochet ,macrame or knitting.

First thought was " I don't have anything blue to use"but after looking over my treasures found some blue cotton thread and some blue beads. It took only few hours !
I wanted to have blue necklace long time. Now I have it finally! ;)


marit said...

You're one talented girl! You make beautiful pieces of art.

lillysmuul said...

Thank you marit!

Tracy said...

The necklace is lovely--very pretty blues! :o)

mdmB said...

Beautiful necklace! I named you a Rockin' Girl Blogger in my blog... Because you rock!!! ;)
*tubli oled noh*

lillysmuul said...

Ara jama Mdm B,ma hakkan punastama,mis mina nyyd...


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