Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Story about recycling.

Once upon a time there was a lonely old office chair waiting for last drive to dump. He stayed in back garden,heavy rain poured over his sad face.

But one day came the lady of the house full of energy and said to him:" Don't worry darling! I think you might become useful! You have really beautiful legs, we still can use them!" ;)

And she brought piece of plywood, forced her hubby to cut out nice round and screwed the legs to the wood!

Voila! there also was some little painting work ,few coats of varnish and new shiny garden table was born!


Tracy said...

That is a really great idea! I love such recycling. I like my office chair, but it's seen better days...Could you send your chairy-godmother over to fix her up?! LOL!

Felicia said...

Groovy! Recycled furniture is the best.

lillysmuul said...

Thanks girls!
My chairy-godfather is happy to come as soon as possible!!! ;)


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