Sunday, 24 June 2007

Pinwheel cardigan for Iris.

Hope you all enjoy summer season,holidays,lovely weather ,swimming......all I miss so much. We don't even have much sunshine around here in Ireland.

But rainy days are very good for knitting projects! ;)
Today I show you one of my UFOs: pinwheel cardy for my little girl Iris.
This blue cardy is in my to-do list : DROPS Cardigan in “art knitting”


I decided to mix these two and used non-expensive acrylic DK yarn.

The body is almost finished,have to re-think about edging and sleeves must be done(any time soon ;) ).
I like how it came out.
For sleeves will use lacy pattern as shown at bottom triangle.

Hopefully will find time to knit one for myself as day...

Friday, 15 June 2007

Finished !

Finally I have finished the lacy blouse from Vogue Knitting spring/summer 2007 magazine.

It was serious marathon for me, not because it was difficult to do, no way, it was really easy to knit. Pattern is easy to remember and small (OK medium size;) )pieces get finished fast ( if you have time of course;) )
I never before FINISHED so big project so fast .It took about 2weeks only. 2-4 hours every evening( few days-evenings off as well).
Used 7 skeins of Sirdar 'SilkyLook' double knitting yarn.Needles 3.5mm. And loads of patience.

I might get used to make big things !

Now I'm thinking should I make mini lace
blouse for my little girl as well?

Yeah,it could be lovely but new exciting projects coming and ....maybe some other time ;> )

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Lacy belly-top!

That's how my little girl calls it!She said:" Your belly top is so beautiful!" It's so sweet to hear. ;)

Thank you Anneli for pushing me to show you picture where I wear my almost finished lace blouse:

It has been so far few days already but didn't get time to get pic. Now it's done finally! (pic not a blouse ;) )

I am not happy with underarms(like you can see). My shoulders are low and usually have to add some padding under shoulder seems for ready made clothes as well. But hopefully the weight of lower part will stretch it out.

The acorn edging for bottom of lower part is made just have to pick up stitches across edge of middle insert and have a go...Sounds easy but takes time again....

I didn't knit sleeves as long as pattern said, also made neck hole smaller by knitting sides bit wider(less stitches for neck hole). It looks better for me this way!

OK,have to get it finished fast (to get started with next piece....hopelessly hooked by knitting as I am ;) )

Thank you for visiting me again!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lacy waves.

It's so warm in Ireland this week !
Found time to lay down and get some UV rays . I call sunbathing more like 'baking in your own juice'. Some people do not like it ,I enjoy the energy that I get from sun!

About knitting:
Sleeves of lacy blouse are finished ,just need to iron them and connect with bodice. Hope get it done this evening and take some pics as well!

Also wanted to show you next piece in my dream list:

There is pattern for you as well: DROPS Jacket with wavy pattern in Vivaldi.
Enjoy the knitting and your life,whatever it brings to your way...!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Almost there...

Bodice is done ,also upper parts of sleeves:

Really like edging lace for sleeves,its done all in one piece ,even it looks like made separately.

Now have to pick up stitches along top of edging(bottom on this pic) and knit lower part of sleeve.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Thank you!

I always had trouble finishing big projects like knitting a cardigan or similar thing.
There are quite few UFOs (unfinished objects ;) )in my craft corner like pinwheel cardy for my little girl waiting for sleeves; almost finished cardy for her without zipper (color of yarn wasn't right,its too blue and I don't like it(when ordered it over Internet picture showed purple) ) and so on...
But yesterday found I have to keep knitting because there have been so many visitors here and you all coming to see some beautiful pictures and great patterns . Aren't you?
So must finish the piece I'm on.
The front and back are finished,shoulder seems crafted together. Also sideseems and when tried it on it looked really nice .
When upper part of sleeves are done and sewed to body , will make picture for you.

Now I want to say THANK YOU for everybody who keep coming back and make me feel responsible that you get what you came for! Feel free to leave comment asking for more! ;)


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