Saturday, 8 January 2011

Neck warmer / mõnusalt talvine kaelussall

I fell in love with one beautifully red neck warmer on DROPS Design website, but since we usually don't have winter here, grabbed opportunity to make it as Christmas present.

I had to calm it down a bit, because everybody might not love to wear red, and had to re-design lower edge, because it held up not nicely.
I made up pattern in red as well, since I had to fit certain number of stitches.
Here we go

Kaelussalli inspiratsioon on Drops Disaini lehelt. Alumise sooniku tegin laiemaks, kuna algul hakkas halvasti ylesse hoidma.
Punase mustri kombineerisin ise. Klassikaline Skandinaavia maade mustrites leiduv täheke.
Järgnev sall on tütrele, juhend saadaval Dropsi lehel beebimustrite hulgas.

But this year (last now) was unusual. We had even 10 cm snow.
And in Christmas spirit  I made little scarf for my little girl and called it "Marshmallow candy cane".
Yarn is soft cotton...Novita  maybe.
(My youngest son has similar in blue.)
You can find pattern in Drops website: BabyDrops 14-16


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