Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas calendar from Drops Design

Wanted to share with you beautiful christmas stuff from DropsDesign Christmas Calendar.
They opened new pattern every night and it was quite interesting to wait for next one.
You will definately need it for next christmas.
Sorry I was late telling you this before.
Few samples.

I also started to translate their patterns to estonian language ,so we hopefully get pages in my language  on their  webpage soon. (with a help of same new friends)


Kes veel ei tea, siis teadmiseks mustri armastajatele ,et olen alustanud Dropsi mustrite tõlkimist eesti keelde.
Juba olemas olevaid tõlkeid võib leida SIIT.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

How to Add a Signature to Your Posts.

In english you can read about it in http://momswhoblog.blogspot.com/
Eesti keeles panen texti ylesse Ideraatorisse.

I wanted to have signature long time ago but..... lazyness is my bad twinsister.
Anyway do it and enjoy it!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

About "My little city girl"

I found yesterday amazing blog!
Full of most beautiful paterns and best part of it these patterns look soooooo gorgeous.
Way to go.
But look youself:



Sunday, 16 August 2009

Koeratüdruk Lotte.

Estonian cartoon.
Somewhere in Europe by a great sea stands a small village, where inventing all manner of domestic gadgets is held in great esteem. The villagers organize an annual competition of new inventions. One of the best inventors in the village is Oskar, the father of the energetic girl dog Lotte. His primary rival is Adalbert the Rabbit. Victory in this competition is very important as it would bring honor to the entire family.

My crocheted Lotte.

Eesti Joonisfilm peategelane, koeratüdruk Lotte elab koos oma sõprade kassipoeg Bruno ja jänesepoeg Albertiga suure mere ääres asuvas Leiutajatekülas. Igal aastal korraldavad külaelanikud uute leiutiste võistluse. Üks kuulsamaid leiutajaid külas on Lotte isa Oskar. Oskari peamiseks rivaaliks on jänes Adalbert. Järjekordse võistluse eelõhtul leiavad Lotte ja Bruno merest vettinud raamatu. Raamatu vahelt ronib välja mesilane Susumu, aednik ja judotreener kaugest Jaapanist...

Minu heegeldatud Lotte.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Crochet summer top.

Many summers I have been dreaming about beautiful lace summer top .

And now felt like making one.

For thread bought thinnest yarn available in our local yarnshop.
It's Wendy Supreme Cotton 4 ply.

Pattern is mix of two . 1 & 2
Also had to make upperpart bigger to hide everything what must not be seen!

It was really easy to make and now feel like doing some more crochet , maybe for my little girl.


Kuna ilmad olid niiiiiii palavaks läinud ,oli ju minulgi vaja endale heegeldada imeilus valge pits top.

Kaevasin end rõõmsalt Rohelise (IT kuldne liige) neti varamusse ja sealt ta leidsingi.

Muster on kombineeritud kahest kokku st. yhest ylaosa ,mida muutsin suuremaks vastavalt oma rinnapartiile ja alumine osa teisest mustrist.
Tegelt tahtsin veel rohkem miksida ,aga unustasin töö käigus .

Meie lõnga poe kõige peenemaks osutus Wendy Supreme Cotton ,võinuks olla peenem ,aga ajas asja ära.

Valmis sai yllatavalt ruttu.u nädalaga (v6i oli see 2) ja nyyd hoog sees et teeks veel midagi...
Äkki tütrele...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Beautiful day pics.

Look what I got to my picture!

I was middle of crocheting when suddenly saw this beautiful fella.
Run to my camera and got picture.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

DROPS jacket in garter st. DONE

It took ages to get it done but finally it's finished.
My little boy has grown much bigger and soon have to reknit cardy.

EDIT in oct 2010:
it still fits to my 2 year old son.
This cardy is really stretchy!
Just love the yarn!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blog makeover.

Today's post is about how to change backround in your blog!
If you love backround what stays where you put it, follow next:

You could use ready made backround from

Set your blog template to "Minima".
Choose one bacround you like ,copy code below picture and "Add a Gadget", HTML/JavaScript ,copy code and enjoy your new look.


Get great picture what is big as your screen (you have to find it out yourself ;))
If you have template with colored middle part ,you will see only sides of your great picture. If you want to see all ,change template to "Minima" and go to Layout ,Edit HTML . Scroll a pit down and where are

body { background:$bgcolor;
font:x-small Georgia Serif; font-size/* */:/**/small; font-size: /**/small; text-align: center;

Change " background:$bgcolor; " to :
YOUR IMAGE ADDRESS"); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;

Change image address to yours and save and look .
Keep in mind , you want to read the text so your pic should have one color middle part and change also fonts and colors so you can read it.

And get new pic as often as you need! ;D

Few places to get great pic

EESTI KEELES saab samal teemal lugeda ideraator.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

DROPS jacket in garter st .

Just a little update...
Started new cardy for my smallest.

Pattern is from Drops

I bought Yarn from eBay from Wolle-Shop
It's 100% natural bamboo .
Very nice lightweight ,silky ,smooth....
Also love how colors change.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Present for my best friend.

One night I was surfing in the www and saw beautiful quilted cushion.
It was not ordinary. It was made of small pictures.
Do you feel it already? How your brain is starting to move?

How it's made?
The photos are printed to fabric.
But how ?

So I found out about printable cotton sheets.
Well, had to buy mine from Australia...
But the result is worth every penny!

My next problem was how to cut pictures into small pieces?
It's easypeasy to make squares ,but if you know how to cut triangles, let me know! Please! :)
I mean with Picture editing program , not by hand. ;)

There came Picasa to help me to make photo collage .
Then just little pit printing and sewing and

Now I have to make two more for my granny and mum...It makes memorable present! ;)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day !

Happy Valentines Day !

I would like to say thank you to everybody who visited my blog and especially these who left comments...
There will be more posts in the future as soon as my little man gives me more time to knit...


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