Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lacy leaf shawl.

When I first saw this pattern it was made as doily( table centerpiece).
Almost year later found it in Muhv's blog . She got tutorial from Estonian lace making course where she learned to knit world famous "Haapsalu sall" (click on pics to see bigger, also there is few words in English in bottom of page) .
The "nupp"(knit 5 from 1stitch,purl 5tog at next WS row) is also originally from Estonia as well.( I hope you knew that! ;))

This beautiful lace shawl is knitted from Estonian lace pattern with cobweb weight mohair yarn and 3.4mm knitting needles.
Looks adorable!

Already designed and started next one:
Lilly's Leaf Shawl pattern.


Gudrun Johnston said...

You are obviously a very talented lace knitter! I'm very impressed. My Dad just sent me a book about Shetland lace shawls and it has some great old pictures of these huge shawls blocking on frames...blows my mind!

Lillysmuul said...

Thank you Gudrun!
I love Shetland shawls myself,even started one ,but they are tooooo huge for my little patience...:)

Ceme says said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy you made a comment on my blog, otherwise I might not have found your blog. I'll definitely frequent your site. You do beautiful lace work.

Absolutely stunning!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Lace knitting boggles my mind.

Anneli said...

Imeilus sall ja imeilusasti tehtud! Ainult mustrist ei piisaks sellise asja valmistamisel. Respekt! :)

projektleiterin said...

I totally love the Estonian lily of the valley pattern with the nupps (looks very cute, but I don't really like knitting them... *sigh*). Recently I bought "Pitsilised Koekirjad", a book with Estonian stitch patterns. There a lot of patterns that I recognized, but I'm not sure if all the patterns have indeed an Estonian origin, because I can't read the text.

The shawl looks adorable. Is it possible to download the pattern somewhere? I followed your links, but haven't been able to find anything.

Lillysmuul said...

Like I said the pattern came with 'Estonian lace'course and isn't available to download from anywhere..

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is gorgeous.
Can I get that pattern from you? It's awesome!

Lillysmuul said...

Sadly I don't have that pattern anymore after my computer crashed...

Injeong Kim said...

It is so beautiful!
For me, it is so hard to knit lace.. I'm still practicing..


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