Saturday, 21 July 2007

My picture is in "VogueKnitting" !

I'm so proud of myself. My lovely lace blouse is in "Vogue Knitting" website .
I'm going to bed now with terrible tooth was taken out yesterday so....

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Stitch marker

Few days ago I wanted to show you my first design: knitted lace shawl.

It's only half done and I'm working on the edging.

But then read from somewhere "don't show your work before it's ready to publish" so have to finish design soon. Not sure how to do PDF document or write knitting charts on computer......
Any advice?

But what kind a post is it without picture so here is the detail of my new shawl with my home made stitch marker( my first and only wire work):

Right now I have really bad toothache,so will climb some walls til painkiller starts to work.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lacy leaf shawl.

When I first saw this pattern it was made as doily( table centerpiece).
Almost year later found it in Muhv's blog . She got tutorial from Estonian lace making course where she learned to knit world famous "Haapsalu sall" (click on pics to see bigger, also there is few words in English in bottom of page) .
The "nupp"(knit 5 from 1stitch,purl 5tog at next WS row) is also originally from Estonia as well.( I hope you knew that! ;))

This beautiful lace shawl is knitted from Estonian lace pattern with cobweb weight mohair yarn and 3.4mm knitting needles.
Looks adorable!

Already designed and started next one:
Lilly's Leaf Shawl pattern.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Flowers are in the air!!!

Crisis is over! Yesssss!!! ;)
By the end of last post I already had idea how must look my new cape!
Same evening designed pattern what has same shape as 'faroese shawl' but there are mixed three different leaf patterns. Now I have new problem ,have to buy luxurious yarn for it.
In local yarn shop caught my eye Louisa Harding's 'Grace' 50/50% wool(merino)/silk mix .....precious!(but pricey :( ). Have to go fishing to eBay! ;)
Afraid this project will be delayed until autumn because....

I was asked to knit lace shawl (for sale) decided to design new one .This time mixing four different patterns. Pattern will be available for public when knitted through.

But like always can't be patient and crocheted some flower pins this evening (for sale):

Irish crochet flower.
Some crocheted flower patterns for you to try!

Maybe should sell them in etsy as well? But who will buy them there...

EDIT: The flower pin is in My etsyshop now! ;)

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Knitting crisis...

I am in deeeeeeep knitting crisis...:( (HELP ME,please!)
Want to knit lacy cape like thing or stole,can't figure out what it must be. Went through goldmines like , , and some more.
Want something to throw over and it must be elegant, lacy, similar to faroese shawl .
But it must be closable at front.... maybe buttons....;>
It will be real challange for me! ;)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

More flowers please!

What have I done lately? (very late evenings included;) )
No time for my knitting projects....
Have been busy searching for gorgeous flowers in flickr photo albums.
There are sooo many different kind of crafted flowers (photos) in albums so I decided to open group called Handmade Flowers .
I already have some favorites there but they all are very well done crafts!


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