Tuesday, 29 May 2007

How little we need for happiness!

Would like to show you the biggest cone of yarn I ever had:
It is 50% mohair cobweb weight for lace knitting. Bought it over eBay (like most of my yarns ;) ). Could you leave it there with starting bid 0.99 pennies(UK). NEVER!
There is 1.1 KILO 8) ,around 8 km yarn ! WOW !
I am over the moon (so little is needed for happiness).
First thought was : have to knit lace shawls rest of my life...
Still happy,looking around for lace patterns...

Where the time is flying...

Have finished back for this beautiful white lace blouse and front piece is almost finished as well.
At some point found the back is too wide. Started to panic it will come tooo big. Then next morning mesured again and it's not soo bad.
will knit lower part at very last ,than can try it on and see how long to make.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Newby in my dream list.

I fell in love with beautiful knitted lace dress from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007.
Dreaming about making it as blouse,without lowest skirt part.
I'm a bit worried about very open neckline,maybe it will fall over shoulders,hopefully not.
Today even got yarn for it: Sirdar's 'Silky look' double knit,it's acrylic but will last longer than cotton. Telling the truth it was nicest yarn in local small yarn shop which is suitable for this lovely dress.
Usually I don't have enough patient to make so big projects but this is too beautiful to skip.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Swallowtail Shawl

It's time for handcrafts again!

Finished my third Swallowtail Shawl. Yarn used is Rowans kidsilk haze: 70%Super kid mohair30%silk; 25gr 210m, 2 skeins, needles 3.5mm.

I knit very loosely so it looks more like used 5mm needles. many people have trouble making nupps, specially knit 5tog,yeah if you knit tight it's almost impossible to do but no problem for me ;).

The first and third shawl look identical, for second one I bought yarn from Peru .

Lace weight yarn 100% merino, GORGEOUS yarn, super soft, look it yourself: http://www.100purewool.com/servlet/Categories?category=Merino+Lace+Weight
This pattern is amazingly easy going. You just sit down and start knitting and it seems the needles run by themselfs. You just have to stop them for a moment when pattern changes...;)

Monday, 14 May 2007

It's over...

My much beloved little Darling is gone...
We left him outside to enjoy fresh air and freedom and he flew away never came back.
Maybe he went looking for other birds, maybe he got lost ,maybe cats ....
It happened few days ago, I still feel sad...

I don't have much luck with pets, that's why I don't take dog,but couldn't resist to have cat(black-I really love him!)...
Will make big photograph of birdy to remember him always...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

10 days old.

It's been long time since last post, 10 days( I have to earn some income as well ;) and night comes faster than I expect)).
But my little Darling doesn't care about time and grows fast. There are no baby hair left, all new beautiful shiny feathers all over little body.

I'm taking him out every day to get used to wind and rain and listening some birds singing nearby. One day he flew to neighbours wall...ohhhh.. my heart fell, I was ready to cry... my baby....Took a ladder run after him and same time thought what will people think if they see it 8)
Then thought will keep him in room in his cage until he is big enough to find food in case he will fly away .

But I don't want to be kept in prison so let him go again.

Next stop: look at photo! ;)
(My son isn't best with camera...)
There are no problems catching him, that's easy part.
Today( yesterday already) I saw young birds flaying on the field and run home to release my Darling as well. he should keep-up with others same age. He flew to roof and I was ready for worst but after 5min waiting he came back to me. Yesssssssssssssssss! What a relief!

Also showed him his future living place-garden shed-where he should stay rest of his life( in case he will not flay away and we don't move house).

My Darling even fall a short sleep in there:
Now every morning after breakfast( just 2-3 pieces of food) I take him out with cage onto grass so he can look around but no flaying away without me .

That's the story so far!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I have been busy working and feeding and feeding and cleaning and finally found some time for update.
My little Darling is doing very well,eats as horse ;) He is starling,not blackbird!
Every morning about 6.30 is wake-up cry(or shout),loud enough to wake everybody (except my hubby :) ) ,but after 5mins his fully feed and we all can go back to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.
yeah,about 8 o'clock I'm forced to go and start all over again and again....
It's really amazing how fast the feathers grow. Few days ago he was so naked and today he is covered with small feathers. You can almost see how they growing.
And he likes to hide in my palm(peopesas),it all soooooooo cute!
Visited pet shop today to see how expensive are birdcages and got one free. yesssssssss!!! OK, I just borrowed old used one for some time,my hubby has to build bigger later.
And I have to say sorry for these who looking for handcrafts from here. just no time at the moment.


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