Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Where the time is flying...

Have finished back for this beautiful white lace blouse and front piece is almost finished as well.
At some point found the back is too wide. Started to panic it will come tooo big. Then next morning mesured again and it's not soo bad.
will knit lower part at very last ,than can try it on and see how long to make.


Anonymous said...

Oi, oled suure aga ilusa töö ette võtnud !

Ps.et ma varem kommentaare lisada ei osanud oli puhtalt minu rumalus.

Lillysmuul said...

meeldiv lugeda(ei saa ju 8elda ,et na"ha;) )
tanan komm'i eest!

Anneli said...

Lahe! Näen, et asi edeneb! Ja ilus on tõesti!


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