Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Present for my best friend.

One night I was surfing in the www and saw beautiful quilted cushion.
It was not ordinary. It was made of small pictures.
Do you feel it already? How your brain is starting to move?

How it's made?
The photos are printed to fabric.
But how ?

So I found out about printable cotton sheets.
Well, had to buy mine from Australia...
But the result is worth every penny!

My next problem was how to cut pictures into small pieces?
It's easypeasy to make squares ,but if you know how to cut triangles, let me know! Please! :)
I mean with Picture editing program , not by hand. ;)

There came Picasa to help me to make photo collage .
Then just little pit printing and sewing and

Now I have to make two more for my granny and mum...It makes memorable present! ;)


KK said...

See on vahva jah, ma olen niiviisi vanad eestiaegsed fotod padjale püüdnud. Meil koopiakeskuses saab lasta teha.

Knitting Diva said...

How simply Fabulous and what a wonderful memorable present to present to a loved one.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMM, and this cuchion is mine!!!!! Thank you!!!! From Australia......khmmmmm.....ebay???? ;) Thank you, MY BEST FRIEND!


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