Thursday, 6 September 2007

How to knit cable without a cableneedle.

I have many times searched for some tutorial from Internet and know how great is to find what you looking for.
So decided to share what I know...
How to knit cable without a cable needle(4-st RC):

If you want to make a cable that twists to the right:

1.Insert right needle from the front through 3rd and 4th stitch on left needle, slip the left needle out releasing 4 cable stitches.

2.Fast pick-up two loose stitches with left needle on the back.

3.Slip the two stitches from right needle back to the left needle by crossing stitches .

4.Knit as directed.
How to do knitted cast on .

When you get to the point to cast on for front and back, using same yarn as you used for sleeve just do knitted cast on as follows:
*Knit 1, leaving stitch on left needle. Transfer new stitch onto left needle by slipping it knit-wise. Repeat from *
Knitted cast-on leaves the side seems very stretchy and you don't have to bother casting-on separately and then connecting them to the main piece and hiding ends...;)
Maybe somebody finds my picture tutorial helpful!

Happy knitting!!!


Anonymous said...

Love that technique and I use is often.

Cindy said...

OK, so doing the cable without an extra needle, what you are doing is crossing the stitches & then knitting them, correct? I tried doing your method last night & got totally confused. Couldn't figure out how to knit the stitches in the order I would normally do them. I think in the daylight I can see the answer! TIA. Cindy


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